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Star Guardian Soraka(League of Legends)

May 25 2019-?(10 months, still active, 39th cosplay)

Star Guardian Soraka is a cosplay I had dreamed about doing since June 2017. I think she is one of the prettiest, most beautiful characters that has ever been created in video game history.

I was also inspired by the pro League of Legends player Sneaky, who cosplayed her in the fall of 2017. He additionally motivated me to cosplay her.

I ended up cosplaying her for the first time, after 18 months of preparation, in May of 2019 at FanimeCon. That was one of the my best ever experiences cosplaying, I told my friend Chewie about the experience later, he took photos of me that day.

I ended up cosplaying her at 2 more cons, Anime Los Angeles 2020 then KatsuCon 2020. Now, since we are in total hiatus due to coronavirus panic, those experiences are even more indelable and powerful now. She is one of my waifus and will be until the day I leave this Earth. I am just glad I had the opportunity to do her justice while I had the chance.

sg soraka 2-2.jpg
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