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Cosplay has been one of the most amazing, enriching experiences of my life. Better than having a kid, it's a spiritual, moving process that creates a high that cannot be compared. 

Filming and taking photos does not create the same high, but it's a necessary evil. I enjoy filming but if I could have someone film/take pictures for me it would really be ideal.

Further Feelings

Conventions to me are an escape from reality. It's one of the most magical things you can be a part of. They're like going to an amusement park where each individual person is a ride. I have had some of the most fantastic experiences of my life by going to cons. I plan to write a book about my con experiences in the future. I want to show my kids one day what I was doing when I was in my physical prime, showing them the animes/video games I had an interest in when I was an impressionable youth.

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