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All Gatherings Attended and Filmed from 2012-2021

2012(6 total): Naruto at Fanime, Anime Expo, Sac-Anime, New York Comic-Con, and Pacific Media Expo. Black Butler at New York Comic Con

2013(18 total, 24 overall): Tales of... series gatherings at Sakura-Con, Anime Central, Fanime,  A-Kon, and


Naruto gatherings at Anime LA, Sakura-Con, Fanime, and Sac-Anime. Evangelion gatherings at Fanime and Anime Expo.

Evangelion gathering at Fanime

Inuyasha gatherings at Anime Central, Fanime and Anime Expo.


League of Legends gatherings at Fanime, Anime Expo and Otakon.

2014(13 total, 37 overall): Anime LA's Naruto and Fire Emblem gatherings


Sakura-Con's Naruto gathering

Anime Boston's Tales and Evangelion gatherings

Aselia-Con's Tales of Vesperia gathering


Acen's Fire Emblem gathering


Fanime's Tales, Naruto, and Persona gatherings

Anime Expo's League of Legends and Tales gathering

DragonCon's League of Legends pool party gathering

2015(28 total, 65 overall) : Anime LA's Naruto gathering

OhayoCon's Black Butler, Digimon, Vocaloid, and Fairy Tail gatherings

KatsuCon's Haikyuu, Tales, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Persona gatherings

Sakura-Con's Naruto, Evangelion, D.Gray-Man and Final Fantasy gatherings

Fanime's Final Fantasy, Persona, League of Legends, Attack on Titan, Vocaloid gatherings

Anime Expo's Attack on Titan gathering

Otakon's Attack on Titan and Tales gathering

AWA's Black Butler, RWBY, and Kingdom Hearts gatherings

YoumaCon's D.Gray-Man, Sword Art Online, and Tales gatherings

2016(51 total, 116 overall): Anime LA's Fire Emblem and Naruto gatherings 

KatsuCon's Black Butler, Tales, Code Geass, Psycho Pass, League of Legends, Persona, and One Punch Man gatherings


Sakura-Con's Evangelion, Noragami, Fire Emblem, Tales, Persona, and Attack on Titan gatherings


Fanime's Naruto, Vocaloid, Fire Emblem, Tales, Black Butler, Final Fantasy, and Tales gatherings


Anime Expo's Tales, Vocaloid, Evangelion, Metal Gear Solid,  League of Legends, Fire Emblem, Naruto, and Final Fantasy gatherings


Otakuthon's Fire Emblem and Tales gatherings


Otakon's Fire Emblem, Dragonball Z, Undertale, Yugi-Oh, League of Legends, Evangelion, Naruto, Psycho Pass, Madoka, Tales, and Final Fantasy gatherings

AWA's Naruto, Dragonball, Black Butler, Fire Emblem, Undertale, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and Bleach gatherings

2017(55 total, 171 overall) : Katsucon's Undertale, Overwatch, Star Wars, Tales, Naruto, Re: Zero gatherings


Anime Boston's Overwatch, Undertale, Final Fantasy, Disney, D.Gray-Man gatherings

Sakura-Con's Overwatch, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars, Evangelion, Disney, and Metal Gear Solid Gatherings

Fanime's Disney, Fire Emblem, Overwatch, Fate Series, and League of Legends gatherings

Anime Expo's Final Fantasy, Attack on Titan, Overwatch, Boku No Hero Academia, Fire Emblem, Tales, Hunter X Hunter, League of Legends, Mystic Messenger, Team Fortress 2, Pokemon, Granblue Fantasy, Dragonball, Evangelion, Code Geass, Fate series, and Full Metal Alchemist gatherings

Sac-Anime's Full Metal Alchemist gathering 

Otakon's Naruto, Bleach, Disney, Undertale, Persona, Final Fantasy, Fate series, and Revoluntionary Girl Utena gatherings 

DragonCon's DC, Spiderman Universe, Disney, Game of Thrones, and Final Fantasy/Square Enix gatherings

2018(32 total, 203 overall): KatsuCon's Star Wars, Overwatch, Fire Emblem, League of Legends, Undertale, and Naruto Gatherings

Anime Central's Final Fantasy, Square Enix, Furry, and Naruto gatherings

Fanime's Fighter Games, Stein's Gate, Persona, Fallout, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, The Adventure Zone, Star Wars, Granblue Fantasy, Gintama, Tales, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Houseki No Kuni, and Xeno Games Gatherings

Anime Expo's Persona, Final Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, Stein's Gate, and Gintama Gatherings

2019:(15 total, 218 overall)

Fanime's Zombieland Saga, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Disney, Kill la Kill, Final Fantasy, Darling and the Franxx, JoJo, Haikyuu gatherings(8 total)

Fanime's Kill la Kill, Boku No Hero Academia, Darling and the Franxx, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fate(7 total)


Anime LA's League of Legends, Fire Emblem, and Fruits Basket gatherings(3 total, 221 total)

KatsuCon's Sailor Moon, Darling and the Franxx, League of Legends, Persona, Sally Face, Dramatical Murder, Love Live!, Bang Dream, Overwatch, RWBY, Danganronpa, Seven Deadly Sins, Star Wars, JoJo, and Final Fantasy gatherings(15, 236 total)

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